What is Modern Industrial Design?

Friday, February 10th, 2017

The modern industrial trend has been a global sensation for the past couple of years; instantly evoking images of concrete work surfaces, exposed brick walls, rustic reclaimed woods and raw gunmetals. From inspired industrial lighting, to concrete coffee tables, the market is flooded with beautiful contemporary and urban design pieces to bring this look easily into your home. Although these elements add a stylish look to any chic interior, to a designer, modern industrial can mean so much more. It’s a marriage between the materials used to inform a design, alongside the process to make it a reality and ultimately the interplay between these materials, form and functionality in relation to an object’s context within the world.

Jasper Morrison

There are some major players leading the industrial design pack. Sam Hecht founded the Industrial Facility alongside Kim Colin, to focus on the exploration between industrial design and the world we live in. They’ve been successfully creating objects for over 15 years with varying purposes that are sure to relate to their spatial, cultural or performative landscape.

Just one example of this is the W152 Busbyb1 for Wastberg. The electric lamp not only illuminates any compact office workspace, but provides up to 3 amps of power to USB ports, detecting each charging requirement and adjusting accordingly. This slick lamp can be wall mounted too – no stone was left unturned during this design process. Hecht and Colin are not alone in believing that objects are no longer lone entities, but connected through technology. They use this idea in each piece they produce to enable them to create impactful modern industrial design.

W152 Busbybi Table Lamp

W152 Busbyb1 Lamp for Wastberg from WallpaperSTORE*, £356.00 – Buy Here

Ronan and Erwan Bourouellec are masters of their craft and the Officina collection for Magis is a great example of ingenious industrial design. Welded from galvanized wrought iron, a material that’s traditionally associated with modern industrial chic, this gorgeously simple design is poetically practical. Suitable for outdoor use, but equally at home in a contemporary dining room, the Bourouellec brothers are rockstars in the industrial design world.

Officina Dining Table in Iron

Officina Dining Table for Magis from Made in design, £1,230.00 – Buy Here

Lyon Beton is a design house that specialises in concrete. The emphasis on materials to influence form is a key element in industrial design and something these guys have conquered. The concrete used has been adapted to be super light-weight, meaning they can conjure pieces that once seemed an impossibility with such an unyielding material. This concrete media unit with tempered glass shelf would look ideal in any urban interior, and the clever merge of materials stays true to traditional industrial design techniques.

Lyon Beton Media Unit in Concrete and Glass

Media Unit in Concrete and Glass by Lyon Beton from Naken, £699.00 – Buy Here

One of today’s most influential designers is Jasper Morrison. His designs are typified by elegance, simplicity and often humour; with a career spanning for over 30 years, he knows his trade. As a young budding designer in London, he has always had a burning desire to create industrial products, eschewing handcrafted one-off pieces for process driven work. You can see this in the resulting objects he creates, always sleek with a formal clarity – Industrial design at its best.

The glo-ball pendant light is a key example of this, made from opaline glass to provide a bright and diffused glow. Suspended from a steel cable, this gorgeous industrial pendant light is beautiful alone, or striking as a cluster hanging above a dining table, or in a hallway. A design masterpiece and perfect for any stylish contemporary home.

Glo-ball S Pendant Light

Glo-ball S Pendant Light by Jasper Morrison from Clippings, £378.58 – Buy Here

Modern industrial design will always be in vogue, in whatever guise. Although our view of industrial modern design may sometimes differ; the sympathy for materials used during a design process can always create a striking and often imposing effect in modern contemporary stylish homes  – and that’s something that will never change.

Check out the our full collection here and see if you can spot some other great industrial finds.


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