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Friday, August 4th, 2017

Over time the decline of traditional industries combined with an increased need for housing has come together to create a glorious movement. More and more buildings are being repurposed by modern dwellers and “Warehouse Living” has not only become the norm, but a lifestyle to covet. Think lofty ceilings, open-plan rooms, exposed brick, beams and floors and materials coexisting to make a living space of the moment. This feeling of raw creativity in an unpolished aesthetic has seeped into modern interiors trends and shows no signs of abating.

Warehouse Home


Now without the luxury of living in a beautiful warehouse, the look can be tricky to emulate with authenticity, avoiding the chintzy world of shabby chic. However, surprisingly it’s not as hard as it looks. Here are our top tips on creating the modern industrial look in any home.


are the foundations of any modern industrial look. Concrete, gunmetal, reclaimed woods and steel are key ingredients. Strip back floors and uncover walls to reveal the bare beauty beneath – exposing elements that would normally be concealed. In terms of furniture pair metal with wood and use lots of concrete.

Vince Reclaimed Bench

Vince Bench found on Etsy

KONK! craft industrial furniture using sustainably sourced oak, industrial fixings and mild steel to create beautiful pieces that are built to last. They have a bespoke package that’s affordable too – perfect if you want that custom-made look on a budget. Here are some of our favourite pieces:

           KONK! Bench in OakKONK! Cabinet in OakKONK! Industrial Side Table

           KONK! Extending Dining Table in OakKonk! Chest of Drawers in OakKONK! Desk in Oak

Lyon Beton specialises in concrete creations. Their specially formulated concrete recipe is lightweight and versatile, enabling them to design unique pieces in what is traditionally thought of as an unyielding material. 

Lyon Beton Cube Side Table in Concrete

Lyon Beton Cube Side Table

Using raw materials can sometimes seem cold and harsh but


warms up stark interiors. Try using well-placed rugs, plants, cushions and accessories to elevate the aesthetic into a cosy living space. A gorgeous hand-plaited area rug like the Hempy from La Redoute will work wonders in an open plan room. The texture of the natural fibres is incredibly inviting, turning your space into a home. 

Hempy Rug by AM:PM for La Redoute

Plants instantly transform a space producing a welcoming environment and breathing life into a room. Urban living often lacks greenery, so bring some into your home and create a chic style statement at the same time. Try something low maintenance like succulents and cacti, minimal effort, maximum reward.


Finally, in an industrial space, you must not forget


One of the most important factors in a room, lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your home. Luckily so many designers love the juxtaposition and interplay between cold industrial materials and the warm glow of light so the there’s a huge range of industrial lighting on the market. The industrial pendant lamp by Tim Walker Studio came to fruition for that very reason. Using concrete, traditionally used on a mass scale, and refining the mix to make something that’s small, lightweight and oddly delicate. The inside has been coated with fibre glass matting to help capture the light to produce a dreamily warm glow. Simple design at its best.

Concrete Pendant Lampshade

Tim Walker Studio Industrial Pendant


Modern Industrial


This gorgeous industrial lounge setting is chic, sophisticated and subtle. Featuring a simple concrete coffee table and distressed leather sofa to create a beautiful modern and contemporary style. Materials and texture work side by side to make a cosy aesthetic against juxtapose the stark exposed brick wall.

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Axan Coffee Table in Concrete and Black                                     Aero Shelving Unit Black                                   Orson Leather Sofa


Modern Industrial

Via Barker and Stonehouse

Wrought iron and reclaimed storage, bare floors and a textured rug work hard to create a simple, humble and rustic feel. The shelf is both practical, featuring drawer space and beautiful. You can find both the chair and storage pieces from Barker and Stonehouse.

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                                                    Baker Shelves                  Gustave Dining Chair


Modern Industrial


The statement pendant lamps in the dining room act as a focal point in this loft setting. The minimal styling creates a bright and airy feel, with plants and simple tan leather running throughout the scheme. The large windows reflect light all around the room and the exposed ceiling adds character to the space.

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Butcher Pendant Light             Farrington Outback Sofa Leather          Hempy Rug in Black

Modern industrial styling is pared back and simple, with a focus on materials and textures. It has a natural feel and is far less refined than other looks. There are so many designers that focus on industrial pieces, like Buster + Punch with their lighting and hardware collections, as well as Tim Walker and Lyon Beton who focus on concrete. My advice is to be bold with your choices and be consistent with the theme.

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